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What we do

Travel Consult

Nailing down all the details can seem overwhelming, but lucky for you, Charm city Consult is here to help! With capable consultants, and a directory of students in different study programs and all sorts of helpful tools, it’s easy to turn your study abroad dreams into reality.

Affordable Housing

This is one major aspect that gives applicants a lot of sleepless nights. though some institutions offer home stays or match you with roommates in a dorm or shared apartment. We help our clients secure apartments, if they choose to live off campus.


We at charm city consult help you get admitted into the most affordable and nationally ranked schools in Maryland. Be it certificate programmes to give your career a face-lift, or a college degree, whether it’s a pursuit of a bachelors , master or even a PhD.


It is important to be able to navigate the city, where you have chosen to study, upon arrival. And that is why we assist our clients with their mobility, from educating them on what works and how to go about getting the needed documents to drive.

About Charmcity Consult

Charm City Consult is an established, seasoned and client-friendly study abroad consulting agency. Our key role is to provide among others, guidelines, service, scholarships information tailored to individual need and peculiarity.

There is a whole new experience that studying abroad gives and navigating new landscapes will open your eyes to diverse cultures, history, new languages and preserved heritage. And we are sold out to helping applicants, particularly from third world countries, birth their dreams effortlessly. 

Charm City Consult gives you the opportunity to experience the world as your classroom, it opens the door to amazing career paths, personal growth and discovery too. As you learn to say ‘hello’ in a foreign language, make friends, eat exciting new delicacies, it is bound to usher you into a whole new experience you never thought possible, a level of confidence you never thought was attainable, and it broadens your creative horizon and teaches you self-reliance while stretching your capabilities beyond the parameters of your comfort zone. 

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